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5 Reasons why every translator should own a Kindle

Translators love words and have a passion for reading. By indulging in this passion we improve our understanding of the words we love and acquire new ones along the way. Most of us spend lots of time reading to stay up-to-date in our specialty areas, as well as reading for pleasure. The more we read in both our source and target languages, the better the chance of coming up with that often elusive word that allows meaning to shine through.   EBook readers are fantastic gadgets for anyone who loves to read, but when you consider the benefits they offer for translators they become, in my opinion, essential learning tools. Here’s why: 1. You’ll read so much more One thing that soon became apparent when I switched over from traditional books to the Kindle was that the amount I read more than doubled. Now wherever I go, my library goes with me. I can always choose something I’m in the mood for and get the most out of whatever I’m reading. Another major contributing factor to m