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Unwanted tags in Trados Studio and how to remove them

Problem On occasion you may open up a project with a seemingly normal Word document, only to find that it is plagued by distracting and unnecessary tags. The problem is that often we don't see this mess until we've accepted the project and opened up the file in Studio. Fortunately there is an easy solution for this this problem, which usually occurs because the source was scanned with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and the resulting file is a tag-filled mess. Solution To get rid of this mess, simply open up your Word file, select the problem text and then click on Home > Clear formatting. (Clear formatting is the icon located at the top right of the Font tab.) The end result is plain text with not tags. Now you can simply recreate the formatting of the original and when you open up the file in Studio all of the unwanted tags will be gone.